Distributed Systems Group ETH Zurich

Californium (Cf) Interop Servers

This is the CoRE interop machine at ETH Zurich based on Californium (Cf).
It implements CoAP (RFC 7252).

For any questions, please write to kovatsch@inf.ethz.ch.

CoAP Servers

CoAP Plugtest Server

Specifications of the provided test resrouces can be found here.

CoAP Cross-Proxy

Use the Uri-Proxy option.


Use http://localhost:8080/proxy/{coap-uri} as URI template.

Alternative Interop Servers

CoAPS (CoAP over DTLS) Server

Useful CoAPS testing requires a way to configure the keying material. The Californium project unfortunately still lacks such a demo-app -- contributions welcome!

For basic testing, the Leshan LWM2M test server can help, as it allows to set up keying material. It is based on Scandium (Sc) and Californium (Cf).


The following IP addresses are blocked due to excessive use:

To get unblocked, please contact kovatsch@inf.ethz.ch.